Energy Procurement / Contract Negotiation

- represents its clients in dealing with major retail electricity providers in deregulated energy markets nationwide.
- identifies a specific, cost effective goal for each client and quickly implements a strategy to capitalize on cost saving opportunities.
- industry knowledge, volume and expertise allows for the superior negotiation of business terms with retail electricity providers on behalf of clients.

- maintains solid relationships with top executives of many large, publicly traded retail energy companies, resulting in the ability to obtain fast quotes, accurate market analyses and competitive pricing.

Demand Response/Wholesale Market Sellback

- provides a variety of demand response programs for clients.
- has a hardware solution to fit all your demand response needs.
- reduction in each facility can be as low as 25 KW.

- one facility may not represent a large financial incentive, but by aggregating multiple facilities customers can see a significant financial benefit.

Bill Auditing

- facilitates detailed audits of clients’ bills to ensure accuracy and proper rate tariff structures.
- analyzes facility load profiles to ensure its clients the most cost effective rate structures.
- provides the client with a detailed analysis of any errors made by the energy provider.
- will assist the client in recouping any overcharges due from the electricity provider.

Energy / Commodity Market Analysis

- consultants review natural gas and energy market data on a daily basis.
- is able to advise clients of the proper timing for a contract execution or renewal.
- updates clients throughout the term of their contracts regarding industry changes which could lead to additional cost savings opportunities.

Customer Service

- views our customers as clients, not "rate-payers". 
- provides superior service throughout the contract term, assisting with any issue that may arise.
- has a network of close relationships with all of the major providers, resulting in a quick response time to field any customer questions or issues.